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Australia Post

Australia Post provides reliable and affordable postal, retail, financial and travel services. Located on the ground level of Neeta City, Australia Post is accessible directly next to our Nelson Street entrance.

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Banks and Financial Services

At Neeta City, we have a number of banks and financial services available. Banks include the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ and SCU, all located on ground level. Other financial services available include American Express Money Exchange, Cash Stop and Al-Taif.

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Neeta City Shopping Centre Services

There are three toilet blocks conveniently placed throughout the centre.

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Parents Rooms
There are two parents’ rooms available for your convenience. Both are located on the ground floor; one next to the food court toilets and the other near the toilets in the fresh food area.

Disabled Parking
There are 25 disabled parking spaces available throughout the Neeta City parking complex.
Drivers must have valid disabled parking pass displayed.

Community Notice Board
Neeta City has a community notice board located on the ground floor. Notices can be brought to the Centre Management Office and will be placed on the board.

Wheel Chair
We have a courtesy wheelchair available for your convenience. Advanced bookings are recommended, and can be made by phoning Centre Management on 9727 1900.